2024/8/17 sat - 25 sun

A festival created together

YAMAUTO began in 2005 in the natural setting of Kutsuki Oisugi, Shiga Prefecture, where a gentle and beautiful river flows through the area. It is only thanks to the understanding of the local people that we are able to hold this event every year in Kutsuki, Shiga Prefecture, surrounded by nature. We would like to thank them from the bottom of our hearts.

This year, the festival will once again run for nine days, with a wide range of artists from all over the world scheduled to take part in turn.

On Tuesday the 20th, we will also have a 'day without electricity' to take a break from our electricity-soaked days. Spending time thinking about the electricity we take for granted all around us will give you a new sense of what it is like to be without it. There will also be a KIDS DAY, a day for children and adults like children, including a river race, tag games, rice cake pounding, etc. There will be a Blue Moon Party on Monday the 19th and Goddess Day on Wednesday the 21st, as well as many other weekday events. Also, the radio station is back⁉ There are many valuable workshops and stalls. All information will be posted on SNS (instagram FB). Please follow us!

The newly built toilet next to the main building has been beautifully maintained and has become a safer place. The path from the car park to the venue, which had been a concern, has also been made much closer with the construction of a bridge.

In addition, YAMAUTO's stall fees are based on donations. Both adults and children are welcome to open stalls with their own ideas. A space where everyone can become an expressionist - come and join us for a wonderful time where the nine days will be deepened and the place will gradually become a village. Of course you can also come for a day trip. Feel free to bring your radio and join us.

Kutsuki Oisugi, Takashima City, Shiga Prefecture, Japan Sansuijin Eco-Village
By bus from Azumigawa Station

///About stalls
Stall fee:Donations and entrance fees
As a place for the presentation of expression, the stall fee will be "donation-based" again this year.
Children and adults are welcome to express themselves freely.
(Admission and tent fees are not included.)

Click here for stall opening guidelines.

///Volunteers wanted
Volunteers are needed from Saturday 10 August .

I) If you would like to volunteer, please pre-register below. We will confirm your name at reception.
I) Basically we are looking for people who can come to the village the day before the festival [Thursday 15th August]. There is no fixed time. Please use the form below to indicate the dates you can come. Please let us know in advance if it will be difficult for you to come.
I)If you wish to open a stall, you will be asked to pay an entrance fee for the day of your stall.
I)Those who have paid the entrance fee are also welcome to register as volunteers on the day of the event!

To register click here for Volunteers wanted!

///Personal Items and Precautions
Please read the following items and precautions before you arrive.
precautions&personal items

///About Donations
YAMAUTO is a festival made up of VOLUNTEER staff. Donations are welcome.
For more information on donations, click here.


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