Volunteers wanted


We are looking for people to help us build the YAMAUTO Village of 2024.
There's a lot to prepare for, but it's not just about helping with this year's festival,
We are also looking for help to ensure the survival of YAMAUTO for years to come… From the 10th, various preparations will begin, including stage set-up, food preparation and construction. During the festival, you will help with the YAMAUTO bar, reception, etc… and after the festival, you will help with the clean up and navigate the 'good flow = community building' throughout the whole process. Why don't you join us and help build the village?

Participating as a staff member will give you a completely different perspective of the festival. It will also be an experience that will leave a deep imprint on your life through self-expression.

Registration period: 10 Aug (Sat) - 29 Aug (Mon)

If you would like to join us as a volunteer, please pre-register below. We will confirm your name at reception.

Basically, we are looking for people who can arrive in the village by Thursday 15 August, two days before the festival. There is no fixed time. Please send us an email with the following information on the dates you are available. If you are unable to come in advance, please let us know.
Volunteers who have paid their entry fee are also welcome!

The number of participants is limited, so please register as soon as possible.

You are welcome to bring your children (please indicate when registering).


I. During the festival the working schedule is 2 hours x 2 slots per day - including reception. The weekend reception schedule will be decided before the event, so please let us know in advance if there are times that are really difficult for you.
I. Meetings are held every morning from 9am in the Main House. This is also where food vouchers will be distributed. The schedule for the day is also decided, so staff are always welcome to attend.
I. Makanai is a workshare [food voucher system] and a fundraiser.
Rice will be prepared during the camp and side dishes will be prepared by those present, but as there will be a large amount of food, we would very much appreciate your help in donating money (food etc. is also welcome).
I.Camping is generally recommended. During the festival a few people can also stay in the main house, but it may be difficult to sleep there due to the large number of people during the festival. Please be aware of this.
I. If you cannot come before the start of the Festival (by August 15), please consult with us.
I. Even if you have paid the participation fee (entrance fee), you are still welcome to join us as a volunteer!
I. If you have a stall, please pay the entry fee on the day of your stall. There is no charge for stalls (on a compa

How to apply

Copy the text below and describe the content,
Send us a message on instagram or FB

1)Name* (  )
1)Email (  )

1)Please indicate the dates you are available from 10 Aug to 27 Aug and beyond.
( /Aug- /Aug )
In principle, please come until 15 Aug *Please contact us if you wish to come after this date.
After the festival there will be clean up, launch and other activities.

1)What are you good at?
Building, hard work, food preparation, sign making, bar, reception, etc.
Basically the work is 2 hours x 2 slots per day, including reception.
Please note that the work may not match your requirements.

1)Please indicate if you have any comments.
*Please state that reception is difficult if you bring children.

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We look forward to your participation!


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