Stall application guidelines

Call for stalls and workshops
We are looking for stalls and workshops that can help make YAMAUTO exciting together.
Flea markets and other events are also welcome! Everyone is welcome to participate.

//// The only fees for stalls are a donation and an entrance fee.
//Donations for the continuation of YAMAUTO are requested.
//Please stop by the head office to make a donation or exchange food vouchers.
//Please be sure to read the following notices

//Catering Stalls
A separate fee of ¥3,000 (including parking and camping fee) is required for participation and catering space. Please pay at reception.
The number of catering vans is limited, so please reserve in advance. We will inform you of the location of your stall.

///Please help us use the YAMAUTO artist ticket!
We are looking for stallholders who can use the YAMAUTO artist ticket that will be given to each artist. They will be redeemed at the headquarters.
The following signs will be distributed to the booths that can use the tickets.
Please indicate whether you can use the YAMAUTO artist ticket when you apply.

How to apply

Please copy and paste the text below,
Please copy and paste the following text and send it to us via message on instagram or FB

//Application to open a stand

1)Name of the shop
3)SNS account
4)Photos of the shop, etc.
5)Stall opening date and time
6)Would you like to open a stall with a catering cart + ¥3,000?
(Yes/No) *First come, first served basis
7) Can you use YAMAUTO artisttickets (Yes/No)?
8)Name of person in charge
9)Contact details of contact person

Notes for stall holders

Only those who have read and agreed to the following may open a stal

//Have a sense of respect for YAMAUTO as a member of YAMAUTO Village.

//Do not violate any moral principles or laws.

//The stall fee is a donation for the continuation of YAMAUTO. YAMAUTO is run by a group of volunteers, so there are many parts that are incomplete or inaccessible. We are looking for people who can build the festival with us.

//Firstly, you can carry in and out items at any time from the one-way loading/unloading route running through the festival site, but please drive safely and unload quickly. (After unloading, please move your car to the car park as soon as possible.)
Catering cars require an entrance fee of +3,000 yen (including parking and camping fees): advance application and location restrictions apply.

//We understand that it may be difficult for you, but we ask that you basically take your rubbish home with you. Please make sure that you do not leave any rubbish. (Only food waste for those staying for a long period of time - if you have to, please contact the kitchen at the headquarters.

//There is good spring water. Please note that you will have to go up a little ladder, so a tank that is too heavy is not recommended. Please note that it can get crowded.

//There is a washing-up area, but no detergent or soap is allowed due to environmental concerns. Please use baking soda, a scrubbing brush or wipe oily items with paper or cloth.

//The sale of cans, bottles, PET bottles and other pre-made products is prohibited.

//The sale of alcohol is exclusive to YAMAUTO-affiliated shops.

//Generators are not allowed. Please prepare lanterns etc. as it is dark at night. If you absolutely need electricity, please contact us. (*20 Tuesday will be a no-electricity day.

//Bonfires and open fires are not allowed. Please use gas, a stove, a charcoal stove, a charcoal brazier, etc.

//The venue is located at the foot of a virgin forest at an altitude of 500 metres deep in the mountains. (It takes about 40 minutes each way to drive to a supermarket to buy food.

//Donations of surplus food are welcome! Please bring them to the main kitchen.

We look forward to your free ideas for stalls!


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