Precautions and personal items

This is an important announcement for the future of YAMAUTO.Please read it carefully when you visit us,Thank you for your cooperation.YAMAUTO is held at the source of Lake Biwa, which is usually closed to the public.It is a gathering to think about the symbiosis between nature and man, and it would be a real disaster if we put a burden on the environment.It is really important for the continuation of YAMAUTO in the future,We would like to ask for your cooperation in the following Let's protect beautiful water and nature.


*Please read and understand these notices before visiting the site.

i) Open fires and campfires are not permitted on the site without permission. Barbecues, fire pits and cassette stoves may be used but please ensure that the fire is controlled and extinguished.

i) Bringing drugs, dangerous substances, drink-driving, parking on the street and violence are prohibited.

We apologize to a lot of people in having taken worry by a stop of "GOAGIL of the YAMAUTO festival2009" . Please read the details here. And the reason why we want to continue "YAMAUTO" after such a case… becouse In splendid nature, we hope that we do not want to lose the place of a splendid encounter and a place of the growth for us.
"YAMAUTO" absolutely prohibits the carry-on of an illegal drug.
If we discovered it, we report it to the police.
It will give a lot of trouble for local people.We ask for your understanding and cooperation.

i) Do not leave pets unattended.

i) Drinking water can be fetched on site, but the water taps will be busy. Visitors and stallholders are requested to stagger their times.

i)Please take care to reduce the amount of dishwashing, open and close taps frequently and conserve water at the dishwashing areas. The use of detergents, soap and toothpaste is prohibited. The use of detergents by large groups of people can cause changes in the environment. Please wipe off any greasy stains with a paper or cloth before rinsing with water. We recommend using baking soda and scrubbers or brushing your teeth with salt or baking soda gargle. Please only wash dishes in designated washing areas.

i) Measures against pit vipers, insects, cold and rainThe nights in Kutsuki are colder than expected. It gets cold during the festival, especially at night, so please bring warm clothes such as long sleeves and jackets, blankets and sleeping bags.

i) The event will take place in case of rain. Due to the long duration of the festival, it rains every year and the ground gets muddy. Rainwear and boots are essential, especially if you are staying for a long time, even if the weather is fine. Don't forget to bring socks.

i) There is a new flush toilet next to the main house. Please help us keep it clean.

i) The area is a natural treasure trove for deer and bears.It is also a habitat for pit vipers and bees. Please be careful when entering the grassy area.

i) Please use the YAMAUTO car park for parking. Parking on nearby streets and private property is strictly prohibited.

i) Live music in the main hall is only allowed until 20:00. Drums etc. are also not permitted after 20:00.

i) Please arrive as early as possible in the evening as the gates will be closed and deer will be present.

i) If you are driving, please keep the volume low and be considerate of others.

i) This is a camp-in event. Day trips are possible, but if you want to stay overnight, bring a tent and sleeping bag.

i) There are no bins on site. Please take all rubbish home with you.

i) We recommend that you use your own chopsticks and cups at the venue.

i) The area will be very dark at night, so please remember to bring your own headlamps and other lights.

i) Unauthorised photography or video recording of the performers is not permitted.

i)Mobile phone reception will not be available in some areas of the venue (depending on model).

i) Admission fees will not be refunded in case of cancellation or change of performers due to natural disasters.

--- If you act in any way contrary to the above precautions, you may be asked to leave the venue (no refunds will be given in such cases).

Enjoy YAMAUTO without forgetting to show appreciation and consideration for the beautiful nature and the local people!

What to bring.

The YAMAUTO venue is in nature. It is advisable to prepare the following items.
Please read them carefully and bring as much as you can.

Long sleeves, long trousers, socks, insect repellent, etc. to protect against insects (pit vipers and bees) and cold.
Nights in Kutsuki are colder than expected. There are insects, so please avoid exposing as much skin as possible, especially at night (if you are bitten by a painful insect, please contact a staff member). Mosquitoes are also present, so insect repellent, mosquito nets and ointments are recommended.

Rainwear and boots
It rains at least once during the festival each year. It is one of the characteristics of YAMAUTO that the roads become muddy when it rains.

Flashlights, headlamps, etc.
It will be pitch black at night. Make sure you have a light to get back to your tent, otherwise you might get lost or fall into the river. If the sky is clear, the stars and moon are very beautiful.

Tents, sleeping bags (blankets) and wagons for overnight stays
If you are camping, you will be staying in your own tent. Please bring your own tent as there are no tents for hire. Some manual labour is required to bring in the tents. There are several trolleys available, but if you have a trolley, please bring it with you. It can get cold at night so please bring mats, sleeping bags and blankets.

Disposable cups, chopsticks, etc.
The HQ Bar & Café provides disposable cups. Please bring your own cups, chopsticks, spoons, etc. to reduce waste.

There is a water point at the venue . Please bring your own water bottle, etc.
The delicious water of Kutsuki Ikugi is one of the springs of Lake Biwa. Please try it.

Please bring a garbage bag and a portable ashtray if you smoke.
All rubbish must be taken home. Please remember to bring your own bin bags and a portable ashtray if you smoke.

Detergents and toothpaste are not allowed. Use baking soda or salt.
The environment changes when many people use the room. The use of detergents, shampoo, soap, toothpaste, etc. is not allowed.

Water toys and sandals are also not allowed.
There is a beautiful shallow river running through the venue. It is hot during the day. Remember to bring swimwear etc. The river is also home to the endangered red-bellied newt, which is poisonous in minute quantities, so if you have it in your hand, please do not put it directly in your eyes or mouth. Those who catch them in insect cages or buckets must return them to the wild.

Please bring rice, food, tea, firewood, mosquito repellent, etc. that can be donated to the main house!
YAMAUTO relies on everyone's thoughtfulness and kindness.
If you have any of the above items that can be donated to the house, it would be greatly appreciated!


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